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Computer Admin..

I've been using Computer Admin for 2-3 years now to track hardware, peripherals, software in my school district. I am extremely pleased with this easy to use and trouble free program. I began tracking trouble calls one year ago. The trouble call data has been helpful to justify the need for additional computer technician help in my district.

Gary Lanoie, Technology Coordinator
Cape Elizabeth School District

I called you last year sometime about a problem, and you were as helpful then as you have been this time. You have provided us with outstanding support, which is a credit to the software and service you have provided.
Thank You once again.

Lee Frier - Computer Systems Technician
The Florida Times Union

I just wanted to say i evaluated 30 different helpdesk softwares, and 20 different inventory programs, and your's was the best thing i found. It's almost like you guys wrote it specially for us!

Michael Blanchard
Grand Aire Inc.

Computer Admin is a great product for any sized network. Thanks To CG Software for saving me the aggravation and time of putting together a database myself.

Lawson Puffer LAN Administrator
X-Ray Optical Systems, Inc.

Computer Admin has really helped me keep up with all of the information in my department.
Tim Dyce
Copar Inc.

This program has saved my bacon countless times. The IT staff here is always amazed at how organized my department is compared to others in this facility. I have you and Computer Admin to thank for it!
Staff systems analyst at Motorola



From the File Transit

The description itself to this fine piece of software made me eager to find out what it's all about. With so many call centers and help desks out there these days, what more can you ask for. This will come in "VERY" handy.

After the installation (which was very simple) I opened it up. I followed the simple on-screen instructions and logged in to the main system, which brought me to a very presentable user interface. The interface is not what I expected, but after clicking some buttons and learning my way around the program, it seems to be a breeze.

I have worked at a Help Desk myself for 18 months, had I known about this at the time I would have certainly brought it to the boss’s attention. It’s fully featured and supports everything from users on the system to hardware invoices. This would definitely save a lot of time and hassle in a help desk environment, or even computer stores, warehouses, etc…  Basically anything that needs to keep track of software and hardware.

Not only does it track everything, it even gives you printable reports for all the data you’ve entered! On top of that you have the ability to do advanced searches and perform trouble calls to network administrators when something goes wrong. The trouble call system includes a knowledge base where you can search through the calls to find previous requests. This software covers it all and more. Give this a try because you can be rest assured you will not find anything more in depth and easy to use than this.

CG Software consulting..

At the Jack Leigh Gallery we needed to set up a program for our mailing list and Inventory list and we were referred to CG Software. Thomas understood immediately what we needed and quickly figured out a solution with a program called Filemaker. Thomas was very easy to work with, enthusiastic, has reasonable prices and is always readily available when we need him. He is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him.

Susan A. Laney Gallery Director
The Jack Leigh Gallery

CG Software offers excellent value and outstanding support with the
FileMaker development needs of our small business.

Previously, we used a large developer thinking that they were our
only option for true technical expertise and product development.
Yet, it always seemed like we were asking for “oranges” and getting
The end result of their consultations and developed solutions were
expanded billings (at exorbitant hourly rates) and the delivery of
mediocre solutions.

CG Software takes the time to carefully review our needs and helps us
to get where we want to go.
Their support is responsive and the delivered solutions are what we
asked for.

Our business is located in Massachusetts and CG Software is located
in Pennsylvania but the distance is not an issue.

In the bottom line analysis, CG Software has helped us make our
business grow.

B. Baker
Property Restorations, LLC


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